Mar 18 2012


Oh, how we wish this month's Leading Lady had started her beautiful bridal blog just four years earlier!  The lovely and talented VanĂ© Broussard founded Brooklyn Bride in April 2007, and countless brides-to-be scour her posts religiously for inspiration, ideas, advice, and vendors for their modern weddings.  (In fact, happily married for the past eight years, we...
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Mar 18 2012

Many of you have been curious about the lovely ladies photographed in our Spring Collection campaign...are they friends? family? Elva lovers?  The truth is, they are a bit of all three in a sense...they have long supported Elva Fields and our endeavors and saw the fun and uniqueness in our creations long before many...
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Mar 03 2012

While history for some remains long in the past, our history with the gorgeous and grand location for our Spring Collection shoot plays a very real part in our present.  Bellevue, once the home of Colonel John Bowman and his family and built in 1784, now houses a selection of one of the largest (and most beautiful,...
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Feb 22 2012


We first (virtually) met Katie Armour a few years ago when she reached out to us out of the blue and honored us with the infinite pleasure of being a Plucky Pioneer featured on her beautiful, witty, fun, and original blog, The Neo-Traditionalist.  What struck us most about her was the immediately lovable mix of...
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