May 08 2012

We love the flurry of excitement that comes when we add new jewels to our collections!  Updating the site every few weeks after a bit of anticipation and patience on behalf of our dear customers is fun for us--it's a joy to show off fifty-some designs that are the culmination of...
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Apr 06 2012

They've been fans from the start--the Clodhoppers gals (Kelly and Kathy, the owners, and their extended "family" of lovely ladies who have at one time or another been part of the fantastic shop) took a liking to Elva Fields and haven't given up on us yet!  It all started about eight and a half years ago...
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Apr 11 2012

As many of our customers know, we love a fun surprise here at Elva Fields...especially one that brings a smile to the face.  And our love for art is no secret, either--it's an Elva "must" without fail.  Combine these two, and, voila--an artful surprise.  One afternoon last year, we decided to sneak in a little something extra...
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Apr 17 2012

With all that free time they have, we thought we'd ask our April Leading Ladies, Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks, a few questions--between television appearances, book publications, a phenomenal website, blogs, six children between them, and a life somewhere in there, surely they had a minute to spare for chit-chat,...
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