Jun 19 2012

For the past few years, we've been avid and faithful readers of Erin Gates' daily posts on her Elements of Style blog--between her eye for style (in both the fashion and home arenas), her ability to bring to light a fabulous brand or product, and her genuine, approachable voice in writing, she keeps us informed...
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May 18 2012


No offense to any of our previous leading ladies, but this one is hands-down tops on every list in our life. 

We are both honored and incredibly proud to introduce our beautiful and talented May Leading Lady, Debbie Wheat, mother (and the endless list that comes with that) of Elva Fields...
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May 08 2012

We love the flurry of excitement that comes when we add new jewels to our collections!  Updating the site every few weeks after a bit of anticipation and patience on behalf of our dear customers is fun for us--it's a joy to show off fifty-some designs that are the culmination of...
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Apr 06 2012

They've been fans from the start--the Clodhoppers gals (Kelly and Kathy, the owners, and their extended "family" of lovely ladies who have at one time or another been part of the fantastic shop) took a liking to Elva Fields and haven't given up on us yet!  It all started about eight and a half years ago...
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